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EXclusive News – March 2022

EXclusive News – March 2022


Welcome to the first edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences. Each month, we’ll bring all manner of EX matters to your screen; including introducing some EX Tools, EX Thought Leadership and EX events. We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and hope you find it of interest.

Tool Time

Partnering with the Institute of Internal Communication, we created the Employee Experience Opportunity in 2020. We have produced a number of things, which are free-to-use, including the EXO Survey, a whole bagful of EX Tools and an EXO ROI calculator.

We’ve found that many people functions struggle to create effective business cases for investment in their employees, largely because it can be difficult to correlate EX activities with the bottom line. So, we created the EXO ROI Calculator to help. Organisations can use their own numbers to display the impact of a motivated, productive workforce; and see how much is being spent on Turnover and Sickness. Once calculated, the Lost Opportunity and Turnover/Sickness figures will create a compelling case for investment (see the example in the image below). Like everything in life, the best thing to do is to try it for yourself.

EXO ROI Calculator

Mojo Matters

We're delighted that organisations from across multiple sectors are using our motivation and productivity platform, including from: aviation, housing, legal, marketing, retail and technology. Organisations using mojo should see a 50x return on investment because motivated employees will:

  • Be more productive
  • Have less stress and mental health issues
  • Make better decisions
  • Go the extra mile
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Be happier and more energised at work
  • Take fewer sick days
  • Be more innovative and creative
  • Provide more support and assistance to colleagues
  • Stay with their employer for longer

If you’d like to understand more about how mojo can energise your enterprise, click here.


Monetising the Employee Experience

This book, co-written by our Chief People Office, Mike Sharples and our Head of EX, Nicholas Wardle, is a practical guide on how to build the case for investment in EX, how to achieve senior leadership buy-in, and the tools you’ll need to develop a winning culture.

A recent review said:

"If like me you’re a sucker for a good business book then I highly recommend this book. I find that I tend to jump in and out of multiple books for different strategies and scenarios, however, this one has me turning each and every page. Brilliant insights, practical tips, clear and simple takeaways. Never has there been a better time to stand up and grab the Employee Experience Opportunity. Thank you Mike Sharples and Nicholas Wardle."

You can purchase your copy here.

Monetising the Employee Experience

EX Events

Monetising the Employee Experience

  • Thursday 17 March 10.30am
  • Free
  • Mike Jones chats to our Head of EX, Nicholas Wardle, about how focusing on EX can support business success

Employee Engagement Conference

  • Wednesday 23 March all-day
  • Chargeable
  • Nicholas Wardle is co-chairing this conference which aims to drive engaged, productive and motivated teams in the evolving workspace with new employee engagement strategies for a purpose driven, digitally-supported and connected working world

EXtra EXtra...

Just in case you missed them, here’s some recent thought leadership from us:

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Workplace (from Meta) 'Deskless Not Voiceless' 2021 Frontline Barometer report - the importance of not treating your frontline employees as second-class tech citizens

Are you focussing on the right thing? – it’s not work from home vs work from office; it’s motivated vs unmotivated

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