Igniting employee and organisational mojo

Mojo is the cloud based platform which builds on the ISO accredited Motivational Maps to identify what is needed at an individual, team and organisational level to develop and maintain a happy and productive workforce.
The nine motivators

Motivation, like personality, differs from person to person. Unlike personality which is fixed, motivation is fluid. Mojo identifies which of the 9 motivators are most important to individual employees and your organisation as a whole, at any time. It measures how well these motivations are being satisfied. Your managers are able to use this insight and mojo's reward strategies to optimise the motivation and performance of their teams.

Of the nine motivators, mojo identifies which are the most influential in each employee's life at a given time. They do fluctuate. Priorities can change over time. The Builder can become the Searcher.

External changes can influence an employee's motivation. At a time of economic instability, for example, the Defender will likely rise in importance.

Understanding the needs of each employee helps you enhance the dynamics and co-operation in your teams.

Tracking the changes in these needs helps you anticipate issues and tailor strategies.

Relationship motivators

Seeks security, predictability, stability

Seeks belonging, friendship, fulfilling relationships

Seeks recognition, respect, social esteem

Achievement motivators

Seeks money, material satisfactions, above average living

Seeks knowledge, mastery, specialisation

Seeks power, influence, control over people and resources

Growth motivators

Seeks freedom, independence and autonomy

Seeks innovation, identification with new, expressing creative potential

Seeks meaning, purpose and wants to make a difference

On mobile

If you have lots of frontline employees without regular access to a computer, then it’s no problem—mojo is mobile enabled. Employees can take a mojo map using a mobile device, view their dashboard, and perform most other tasks that can be completed using a computer.