Andrew Stotter-Brooks
Vice President Learning & Development
Etihad Aviation Group

We love mojo, the results have been transformational, allowing leaders and managers to effectively understand the bespoke motivational and engagement needs of our team in an incredibly diverse world-beating global operation. 

Mojo provides in depth insights, measurement and data allowing precise tracking of our team’s employee experience within Etihad Aviation Group.

Richard Walden
Head of Internal Communications
Heathrow Airport

Our mojo team building session was a really insightful look into what our individual motivators were, what was potentially driving those preferences and how they mapped out across the team. It allowed us to analyse the common areas conducive to a high performing internal comms team, how that supported our current team objectives and also where there were areas we could look to build on to grow even further as a team.

Carole Gaskell
Founder and CEO
Full Potential Group

Mojo is a powerful tool with huge strategic value. It uniquely helps individuals, managers and their teams understand, measure and track what motivates them. We’ve seen significant shifts in leadership impact, engagement, wellbeing and productivity from upskilling people around motivation and rolling out the mojo dashboard. Holding everyone to account every three months to check in with their motivations has been a game changer.

Kate Turner
Motivational Leadership

When it comes to motivation, not only is it hard to identify exactly WHAT motivates us, but it's tricky to track how our motivations change over time. That's where mojo comes into its own. This easy to use tool quickly shows all of this info on a dashboard - and, even better, it shows it for the whole team. That's useful for an individual, but game-changing for the team leader. I cannot recommend mojo highly enough.

Mike Jones
Founder of Better Happy
Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Consultancy

As the world continues to change so does the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Mojo is the perfect tool to set businesses apart from their competitors, empower your people and achieve industry leading levels of productivity.

Dana Salameh
Energi Lab

Every organisation that is serious about attracting, retaining and developing its people should invest in the mojo Platform. It helps organisations address and solve their most critical people challenges by providing insights and data into what really matters for employees, managers and leaders to be productive and to love what they do which in turn has a massive impact on employee experience, customer experience, and overall company performance.

Warwick Clarke
Head of HR
One Housing

Great platform and tool to start and build conversations around the things that really matter to us individually. Love this!

Jennifer Sproul
Chief Executive
Institute of Internal Communication

Using mojo has been enabled us to better understand our team dynamics and the individual motivations which led to actionable changes that have improved our employee experience. I recommend working with Brand Experiences to create positive change in your organisation.