Helping you to get the max from mojo

Our defined Mojo Lifecycle is rigorously planned to enable you to obtain the max from mojo. From interest to onboarding and from certifying Mojo Mentors to creating successful strategies, our highly-experienced and award-winning team of Mojo Success Managers are here to support you.

The Mojo Lifecyle


Dedicated Account Manager

A Mojo Success Manager to be your guiding hand

When you become a mojo customer, you will be allocated a named single human being to be your point of contact. They'll guide you through every step of the mojo lifecycle, supporting you to embrace the power of mojo. 


Interest Phase

No obligated conversations and demos, and trial mapping

We want to ensure mojo meets your needs, so we can arrange as many conversations about the platform as you like, at a time that suits you. We can give multiple demos, if required, and as the proof is in the taking, allow the opportunity for a selection of trial mojo maps.


Pilot Phase

Ensuring mojo is right for your organisation

We appreciate that committing to roll out mojo to an entire department or organisation can feel like a big move, so our recommendation is that you pilot the platform on a few teams first. We will give a Mojo Power Hour to the pilot teams to ensure employees understand what mojo is and does. We will then discuss the results and what should happen next in detail with those who will be responsible for mojo at the organisation.


Onboarding Phase

Swift to set up and swift to roll out

Importing employee data is child's play and our auto invite function takes the hassle out of inviting employees to the platform. We recommend a phased approach to roll out and we can train in-house Mojo Mentors, Mojo Line Managers and Mojo Champions to really help you to take ownership of mojo.


Education Phase

Getting the most from mojo and developing your most important asset - your people

In addition to our Knowledge base, we can offer further training and support to help you to obtain the maximum benefit. We can support with managers, teams, analysing the results, and the creation of bespoke motivation strategies. Of course, as mojo evolves, we'll keep you up-to-date with any enhancements. Our mojo website will continue to provide fresh thought leadership - not just about mojo, but about the Employee Experience more generally.


Embedding Phase

Ongoing support to keep motivation topped up and productivity levels high

In addition to milestone meetings with you, your Mojo Success Manager will be able to answer any questions and will make ongoing suggestions for improvements. We can support with the all-important action planning and encourage you to hold managers and senior leaders to account for the success of mojo.


Renewal Phase

Being there for you into year two and beyond

Ongoing technical support and access to our Knowledge base is available to all customers. Other support services are optionable and are chargeable - you can have your mojo support, your way.

After a year, we will discuss your annual trends with you to seek to affect further improvements, and then the four maps per year cycle begins again. We will continue to be there to support you to further embed mojo, of course!

Mojo Roles



Certified Mojo Mentor

Someone who is trained to have a deep understanding of the platform and will be able to support colleagues in their organisations to understand the 'why?' of mojo and how to best utilise the platform in order to boost productivity, wellbeing and resilience.

Certified Mojo Manager

Someone who is trained to be able to boost their teams’ productivity, wellbeing and resilience through understanding their team maps and creating effective action plans.

Certified Mojo Champion

Someone who is in a non-leadership role who is trained to support their colleagues with some of the mojo basics such as: how to take a map, understanding the nine motivators and how to read the dashboard and team maps.

Mojo Admin

Someone who is trained to add/remove colleagues, advise on resetting passwords, place people in the right teams etc.

Senior Leaders

People in these positions should have oversight of their teams' mojo scores in order to track general trends and support activities which will boost individual and team mojo.


Everyone should be responsible for taking their quarterly map, contributing to the creation of their action plans, and suggesting improvements within their own team.



Certified Mojo Master

Someone who has extensive knowledge of mojo and intrinsic motivation. These are capable of training other certified courses.

Mojo Success Manager

Someone with extensive knowledge of the platform who will be responsible for the relationship with organisations who have mojo.