The challenges facing organisations are not new. Mojo's solution to them is - according to mojo clients. - "A game changer" "Transformational" "Powerful"
Employee engagement
Mojo helps employees understand themselves by illustrating their uniqueness. Sometimes for the first time they see their intrinsic motivators. They understand what they need from their job to feel valued. By reviewing their mojo maps each quarter, they and their managers can design effective action plans to boost fulfilment, happiness, purpose and performance.
Employee productivity
The link between motivation and productivity is irrefutable. There's a wealth of research proving that the more motivated someone is, the more productive they will be. Focussing on what actually motivates an employee results in increased levels of individual productivity. This is turn results in increased organisational productivity.
Employee motivation
Motivation is derived from the Latin word, ‘movere’ which literally means ‘movement’. The more motivated someone is, the more effort/energy someone will bring to each work task. Mojo focusses on intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. It is a human centred approach. No carrot and no stick.
Employee resilience
Let's face it, even the best jobs will occasionally be stressful and challenging. Organisations will benefit if their employees can quickly recover from adversity. When employees' intrinsic motivators are being met and they feel supported by their manager, then they'll have more resilience. They will continue to thrive through difficult situations. Happy, motivated people tend to have a more ‘can-do’ attitude.
Employee wellbeing
Employee Wellbeing is certainly not one size fits all. Some employees will benefit from having more job security, some from more financial security, some from having a better work/life balance, and many more reasons besides. By revealing each employee's wants and needs, mojo helps you personalise the Employee Experience, and support their wellbeing.
Employee voice
Quarterly mojo mapping shows what an employee needs, even when the employee might be reluctant to verbalise it. It's a comfortable way to start a conversation that could improve working practices and culture. Quarterly mojo mapping followed by action planning means employees are regularly given the opportunity to be heard and to suggest improvements to their own work and that of their team or department.
Employee trust and empowerment
The increase in hybrid and remote working during the pandemic triggered a management shift from command and control to trust and empowerment. Employees have more flexibility to design their own work days, as long as they prove to be productive. Mojo supports productivity efforts by enhancing motivation. Through action planning, employees have more of a say in how tasks are performed. This regular dialogue builds trust and letting people get on with their work builds empowerment.
Hybrid and remote working
With many employees spending less time in the office, it is harder to assess how they're really feeling. Body language and tone of voice are harder to pick up via digital conversations. Mojo helps employees and managers to understand motivation levels - a big indicator of how they're truly feeling. Mojo maps are a self-inventory survey. They reveal what an employee is saying about themselves, not another person's opinion.
Diversity and inclusion
Organisations benefit from having people from different backgrounds, with different thoughts and skills. These employees want to feel valued and to add value. The mojo platform doesn't care where someone comes from, where they were educated, what their gender is, or their sexual preference. It's only interests are motivation and satisfaction. With team mapping, colleagues learn to embrace each other's motivation preferences.
Customer experience
EX and CX are two sides of the same coin. Our clients who use mojo see swift improvements in productivity, wellbeing and resilience; and this results in customers being served by happier and healthier employees. So, it’s a win for the employee, a win for the organisation and a win for the customer.
High performance culture
To perform effectively, organisations need to break down the barriers that prevent understanding and effective collaboration. Mojo enhances individual performance, and helps create a culture that nurtures team performance.
Talent attraction
With record numbers of vacancies and The Great Resignation, the battle to attract the best people is critical. Mojo supports this vital area in two ways. It can be used during the interview process to ensure the motivation of the candidate matches the role. For example, you wouldn't want someone motivated by money and competition to work in a frontline care role. Mojo is also proof that an organisation takes the Employee Experience seriously by investing in it. What could be more attractive to a candidate than an organisation that cares for the needs of its employees?
Talent retention
On average it costs 20% of someone's annual salary to replace them. In addition, there will be a drop in productivity whilst the new person gets up to speed. Clearly it's more efficient to keep those employees who you want to keep. By focusing on an employee's intrinsic motivations, mojo increases employee satisfaction. Happy people stay.
Change and transformation
As they say, change is the only constant. With this in mind, it's important to understand which employees are more open to change and those who may need a little hand-holding. Through mojo's risk index and an individual's primary motivators, it's possible to tell how change-friendly an employee is. The cluster analysis will show whether an employee’s mindset is focused on stability, performance or growth.
Continuous improvement
A lot can change between annual reviews. Big bang initiatives are great while they last. Neither of them fosters long-lasting improvements. It is far more effective to make improvements little and often. With quarterly check-ins at the heart of the mojo process, it means suggestions for improvements can be gleaned regularly to help with continuous improvement.
Learning and development
When new skills align with their intrinsic motivations, then employees will be more willing to learn and develop. Each new skill will bring them closer to satisfying their needs, and closer to fulfilment. Each new skill will enhance their subject matter expertise. In turn, this will drive better business performance.
Human centred approach
Mojo provides an insight into the deep and intrinsic human needs of each individual. Regular and protected time between an employee and their manager will identify needs, not just for the individual but for the team. These conversations will encourage suggestions for improvements in the design of products, services, systems, and experiences at work.
Empathetic management
Mojo is a manager's best friend. It supports them in displaying a genuine understanding of their employees as people first and foremost. It gives them real insight into what makes them tick, and how they're feeling. It helps them make the transition to a coaching style of management, and provides the tools for continuous improvements.