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EXclusive News - May 2022

EXclusive News - May 2022


Welcome to the third edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences. This month we introduce Empathy Mapping, explain why line managers and their direct reports need a different relationship, point you to some terrific thought leadership, and more. We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and if you find it useful, do share it with your networks.

Tool Time

Empathy Maps are a useful way of being able to put ourselves in the shoes of an employee at any moment in time and understand what is going on, both physically and emotionally. They're a simple and easy-to-digest visual that helps us to better understand what our people are: thinking and feeling; saying and doing; seeing and hearing. It can also help to identify any fears and concerns as well as wants and needs. Empathy Maps are a key tool to remove any bias from your Employee Journey Maps and keep everyone in the team aligned to a shared understanding of the employee.

Most organisation will have Empathy Maps for their customers and if they care about their employees, they should have them for these too. You can download the entire EXO Toolkit for free via the Brand Experiences website.

Empathy maps

Mojo Matters

For thousands of years, organisations have 'managed' by the carrot/stick approach - at its most basic: you work hard then we reward you with money. Aspects coming out of the pandemic, such as hybrid working, the Great Resignation and a greater focus upon wellbeing has meant that a different relationship is now required. Mojo helps organisations to focus upon what matters to the individual employee by moving from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation. Simply understanding what motivates an individual is a start - both for the employee themselves, and for their line manager. Watch this video to learn about the nine intrinsic motivators. Leveraging understanding of these is the key to managing and motivating employees in the modern working world.

We need a different relationship between employers and employees

If you’d like to understand more about how mojo can energise your enterprise, click here.

Monetising the Employee Experience

This book, co-written by our Chief Experience Officer, Mike Sharples, and our Head of EX, Nicholas Wardle, is a practical guide on how to build the case for investment in EX, how to achieve senior leadership buy-in, and the tools you’ll need to develop a winning culture.

Monetising the Employee Experience 

A reviewer said:

"If you are thinking about focusing more on your employee experience or want to be able to demonstrate to your board business owner/ceo/cfo/board members why they need to invest more in the employee experience this book is the key.”

The book costs about as much as four high street coffees, and you can purchase your copy here.

EX Events

Listening to Learn

  • 30 May
  • Online
  • £69.99 (Institute of Internal Communication members) / £89.99 others
  • Our Head of EX, Nicholas Wardle, is delivering a Masterclass for the IoIC: Listening to Learn -in this session you can learn: why organisations ignore the voice of their employees at their peril, some ideas to improve the listening culture at your organisation, critical thinking on Employee Surveys, and the importance of 'moments that matter' and how these should be leveraged to affect continuous improvement.

Brand Experiences in Abu Dhabi

  • 06-09 June
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Members of the Brand Experiences team will be in Abu Dhabi, delivering training. If you’re in the region and would like to catch up with Mike Sharples for coffee and falafel, get in touch!

Interact Live

  • 14 June
  • London
  • Free
  • Nicholas Wardle will be sharing how to build the business case for investment in EX during this event which explores the relationship between communications, HR and Employee Experience.

Digital Leadership Forum 2022

  • 26/27 September
  • Vienna / Online
  • Chargeable
  • Nicholas Wardle will be speaking at this event which has two days full of inspiring workshops, talks, discussions and side events on digital transformation, digital communications, future of hybrid work, digital equality, social media, corporate culture and leadership.

EXtra EXtra...

Just in case you missed them, here’s some recent thought leadership:

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