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EXclusive News – September 2023

EXclusive News – September 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences. This month we talk about Spirits, point you towards an interview with our CEO and reveal a new video series on the Employee Experience. We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and if you find it useful, do share it with your networks.

Mojo Motivator of the month – The Spirit

There are nine recognised intrinsic motivators. This month we focus upon ‘The Spirit’.

The Spirit, desires freedom and autonomy. They're independent and like to be able to make key decisions for themselves. Restrictions and procedures irritate them - and they definitely don't like being micro-managed.

If you have employees for which the above resonates, then you may wish to consider the following motivation strategies on an individual, team or organisation-wide basis.

Individual (What they can proactively do)

  • Spirits should think of themselves as the CEO of their own company, with their employer as their biggest customer
  • They should embrace informality and create a relaxed working environment
  • Define values and envision the future
  • Evaluate opportunities in terms of the freedom and flexibility they offer

Team (How the manager and colleagues can support)

  • Encourage the team to see itself as a self-managing body
  • Increase decision-making authority and delegate tasks
  • Give employees control over their time and create a relaxed working environment
  • Introduce 'dress down' days and consider remote working options
  • Allow the team dedicated time to pursue their own projects and research

Organisation (What high-level activities can support)

  • Develop a strong vision and communicate it throughout the organisation
  • Streamline processes and reduce bureaucracy
  • Empower employees by increasing their decision-making authority
  • Encourage people to adopt the mindset of being their own business leaders
  • Create a relaxed working environment

If you’d like to understand more about intrinsic motivation, then view the mojo website or get in touch via:

Mike meets a Weird Human!

Our Chief Experience Officer, Mike Sharples, spent time with L&D thought leader Andrew Stott (AKA The Chief Weird Human) last week and they discussed Employee Experience, mojo and some career advice. You can watch the interview via the Brand Experiences LinkedIn page.

Employee Experience EXplained

If you haven’t already done so, do check out this ongoing video series, delivered by our Employee Experience Director, Nicholas Wardle. Videos so far include:

  • What is EX?
  • Where does EX sit?
  • Where do you begin with your EX efforts?

You can view the series via YouTube or by following Nicholas on LinkedIn.

Mojo platform improvements

We’re committed to the continuous improvement of the mojo platform as employee motivation is now a critical success factor for organisations looking for a sustainable way to positively impact employee productivity, wellbeing and resilience. Our latest improvement allows organisations using mojo to customise the platform with their own motivation and reward strategies. This level of personalisation of mojo delivers huge additional value and ensures that the strategies adopted to improve employee motivation are fully integrated with their organisation’s purpose, values and strategic objectives.

Get in touch with to find out how you can make this new feature work for your organisation.

EX industry useful reports – September 2023

Just in case you missed them, here’s a round-up of some recent reports we think you may find useful. This month we feature an EXcellent case study from Delta Airlines, why 'elevating employee experience is non-negotiable' and a special trust at work report from Edelman.

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