Insights / Articles 09/12/2022

Help beat the winter working blues: Enable your employees and your organisation to grow with mojo

Help beat the winter working blues: Enable your employees and your organisation to grow with mojo

With inflation rising across the globe and global growth predicted to fall, it’s going to be a challenging couple of years. How organisations decide to tackle these challenges will greatly impact their employees – not just at work, but as citizens of local communities.

Organisations have some difficult decisions to make

In tough financial times, the usual approach from organisations is to undertake all or some of the following:

  • Pay freezes
  • Hiring freezes
  • Lay-offs
  • Conferences and team events cancelled
  • L&D budgets slashed
  • Wellbeing budgets slashed
  • Christmas parties cancelled
  • Employee connectivity projects put 'on hold'
  • Internal promotions put 'on hold'
  • Employee benefits disappear

All of which will have a negative impact on employee motivation and happiness and will likely reduce productivity. Short term pain leading to mid-term pain. And the impact of such decisions will affect local communities as citizens will be more dispirited and will contribute less to their communities – both personally and financially.

Mojo - the positive alternative to cuts, cuts, cuts

Mojo is designed to drive productivity, boost wellbeing and build resilience. Organisations who use it are seeing up to a 50X ROI. It focuses on an employee's intrinsic motivations - and if these are satisfied, then employees will perform better, which will lead to better customer service, and ultimately more profits.

Making the most of what you have is a more efficient route to a high-performance culture - and it will reduce sickness and turnover; which will save thousands, if not millions – which will mean you won’t need to cut here and freeze there. The great news is that mojo costs less than a cup of coffee per employee per week.

If you'd prefer a positive, motivated and productive workforce over a negative, unmotivated and dispirited bunch - get in touch via: Your employees and your local communities will thank you for it.