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Is your organisation run by EX pyromaniacs?

Is your organisation run by EX pyromaniacs?

Utilising mojo drives productivity efforts and reduces costs

Here's an idea. Write a 24-page Employee Experience (EX) business case and submit it to your Chief Exec; detailing how they should go to the organisation's bank, draw out the equivalent of 35% (or more) of your employees' combined annual salaries, stack it neatly in a pile, and then burn it all.

Sounds crazy, huh? Well, sadly, pyromania aside, it's closer to the truth than many people realise.

The evidence from organisation's using mojo is that when organisation's first sign up, the average satisfaction level is at 65%. At this level, there's roughly a 1:1 correlation between motivation and productivity so this means the organisations are 35% undercooked. 

To put this in financial terms, if the total annual salary bill was, say, £40M, then £14M is lost productivity. Add in sickness costs and recruitment costs, which are higher when people are less motivated/productive, then you could easily be looking at an extra £10M in addition. So, a total lost EX Opportunity of around £24M per year. 

With these big numbers in mind, surely it's worthwhile spending just a fraction of this huge amount to try and reduce the lost opportunity in future?

When deciding upon investing in your EX, it truly is not 'Can you afford to?' but 'Can you afford not to?'

Feel free to utilise our EX ROI calculator to see your EX Opportunity, and do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how mojo can support with boosting your organisation’s productivity.