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Three focus areas to improve productivity

Three focus areas to improve productivity

During the Conservative leadership battle, Liz Truss was misappropriated when it was reported that she called UK workers 'lazy'. She did point out that we have a productivity problem, though, as we lag behind countries such as France, Germany and the US in this area. Here's three focus areas which should improve productivity at your organisation:

People Management

The CIPD say that: "... raising the quality of people management across all sectors has the potential to boost productivity." How much support and coaching does your organisation give to line managers? Are they left to figure it out for themselves? Are they held to account? Are you hiring managers for their management skills or for their technical ability?

Internal Communication

Productivity and growth are HUGE social issues and need to be baked into your IC strategy. If organisations fail, people lose their jobs, so IC should be promoting business growth, cost-saving initiatives etc.


There is a wealth of evidence to display that motivation correlates with productivity: the more motivated someone is, the more productive they will be. So, focussing on what motivates an employee should result in increased levels of individual productivity, which will then result in increased organisational productivity. 

Relationship of Productivity and Motivation

Mojo is designed to support organisations in improving motivation satisfaction, and the graph above displays that the more motivated someone is, the more productive they will be. Mojo also supports Line Managers in having 1:1 conversation with their employees, as they can take a deep dive into their mojo results and work together to come up with action plans to increase job satisfaction.