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What would you say if an employee wanted a 'flexcation'?

What would you say if an employee wanted a 'flexcation'?

Flexcations are now a serious consideration for non-frontline employees. In short, they’re when an employee tags a few extra days onto a holiday and works from that location.

They can really work for some, as it means employees can go for a run or walk on the beach before work/at lunchtime and already 'being there' means they can enjoy the weekend without losing time to travel.

However, if the workload is high, it can lead to frustration as it could be seen as a waste if people have to work 8-8 – and it would be very annoying if you went with someone you were supposed to spend quality time with!

As with a lot of things, it comes down to trust. There will be those employees who get a lot of work done during a flexcation, there will be those who seek to use it as 'free holiday'. There will be those organisations who trust their people to work whilst away, there will be those that don't (so are unlikely to allow them). 

How mojo can support flexcations

Mojo doesn’t care where an employee works from; it’s all about monitoring their motivation satisfaction levels and then creating action plans to drive productivity, boost wellbeing and build resilience. And as mojo is cloud-based, it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Those with Spirit high as a motivator are likely to embrace the concept of flexcations as they seek freedom and autonomy. They may not be quite so appealing to Defenders as they seek stability and don’t like change.

As with any approach to work, it's all about the outcomes, so the success of flexcations should be measured on the end results. Mojo will guide you on who is likely to embrace them and with quarterly mapping, you will be able to tell if someone’s motivation satisfaction has risen or fallen during a period in which they had a flexcation.