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Bespoke Mojo Motivation Strategies

Bespoke Mojo Motivation Strategies

Mojo's motivation strategies are key to driving improvements at an individual, team and organisation-wide level.

Mojo’s knowledge base provides a number of motivation and reward strategies that can be accessed by employees and their managers; but we know that every organisation is unique, with its own values, culture, and ways of working, which is why we can help you to develop bespoke motivation strategies for your own organisation. These will then be shared automatically via mojo to all employees (for self-help) and their managers to provide more opportunities and tools to optimise the motivation and performance of their teams.

Attendees will:

  • Discover the 3Es of Productivity
  • Understand more about the importance of motivation in the workplace
  • Develop a deep understanding of the nine motivators
  • Focus on each of the nine motivators in turn to create bespoke improvement strategies for your organisation – at an individual, team and organisation-wide level
  • Learn how to add bespoke in-house improvement suggestions to the mojo Knowledge Base, which can then be shared organisation-wide

This support is very flexible in its design. It can either be delivered over consecutive days, over a series of half days, or even over multiple months.

Prices depend on the number of delegates and the location.

Contact for more details and to book.