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Certified Mojo Mentor

Certified Mojo Mentor

For those organisations who have signed up to our motivation and productivity platform, mojo, we have a series of different training packages available. 

The most in-depth is the Certified Mojo Mentor training. Participants will come away with a deep understanding of the platform and will be able to support colleagues in their organisations to understand the 'why?' of mojo and how to best utilise the platform in order to boost productivity, wellbeing and resilience.

What's covered?

  • Why organisations need a different relationship between employers and employees in order to either remain or become an employer of choice.
  • The current work landscape and how mojo can support in tackling many of the big issues, such as The Great Resignation, Wellbeing and Hybrid Working.
  • An overview of the approaches high-performing organisations are utilising to boost Talent Attraction and Retention.
  • How to build the business case for investment in the Employee Experience (including investing in mojo).
  • Overviews of Employee Experience, Motivation and Employee Engagement.
  • An explanation of the nine intrinsic motivators.
  • How to obtain the maximum from mojo, including creating action plans to boost productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • How to support colleagues in using mojo. 

This is typically a two day programme run on consecutive days or a week apart. 

Contact for more details and to book.