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Introduction to Employee Experience

Introduction to Employee Experience

The training will explore Employee Experience, debunking myths and providing insight into the employee experience opportunity, the impact of motivation on organisational success, investment priorities, the three 'Es' of productivity and much more!

The course will offer practical guidance including a look at the Employee Experience Opportunity Calculator and an overview of the Employee Experience Opportunity Toolkit.

Learning Objectives
• What Employee Experience is (and what it isn't)
• Learn about the Employee Experience Opportunity
• Why investment in Employee Experience is vital to organisational success
• Why Employee Experience has a more compelling ROI than Customer Experience
• The barriers to offering a good-to-great Employee Experience
• The Three Es of Productivity
• The impact of motivation on organisational success
• A look at the EX Opportunity calculator
• And overview of the EXO Toolkit
• How Employee Experience can offer a career path

This course is around 2 hours in duration and can be delivered in-person or online. Prices depends on the number of delegates and the location.

Contact for more details and to book.