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Mojo Manager Masterclass

Mojo Manager Masterclass

Mojo Manager Mini Masterclass sessions are an opportunity for managers at your organisation to spend protected time with a Mojo Master to build their knowledge of the tool, be more confident in analysing the results, and be able to ask any questions about their team’s results in order to support improvement initiatives.

In this course, attendees will:

  • Spend time away from their desks to really get to grips with mojo and learn how to make the most from this business performance improvement tool
  • Learn about mojo spreads, sequences and conflicts
  • Interrogate individual and team mojo maps to understand how to spot improvement opportunities
  • Be able to ask a Mojo Mentor questions relevant to their own organisation’s maps
  • Come away with some action plans to improve the motivation and productivity of their teams

This course is 3 hours in duration and can either be delivered in-person or online. Prices depends on the number of delegates and the location.

Contact for more details and to book.