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Mojo Team Building Events

Mojo Team Building Events

Energise your enterprise and help your team understand what motivates themselves and each other in order to boost productivity and performance

To get the best out of your people, you first need to understand what motivates them.  Fully motivated employees are not only more productive and high-performing, they will also be more resilient and be in a better wellbeing place.

In these events, your teams will:

  • Understand the importance and impact of motivation in the workplace
  • Learn the ROI of the Employee Experience
  • Take a mojo map to understand their intrinsic motivators and current levels of motivation
  • View a team map to understand each other's motivators; and discuss where people complement each other, where they could clash, and any gaps within the team
  • Work together to create a better work environment, based around people’s motivators

Mojo Team Building Events are around 3 hours in duration (including breaks); clients are welcome to have lunch in the middle and make the event a full day.

Feedback from previous mojo events includes:

  • it gives me a clear roadmap to deal with my team members; considering the motivation factors and have a healthy environment
  • it gave the ability to understand what makes me and my teams' the way we are and to celebrate our differences
  • mojo will help anyone to better understand their priorities and build a strategy to achieve personal and organisational goals

Costs were:

  • £1250 for up to 10 people online
  • £1750 for up to 10 people in-person

(These include the cost of a mojo map per person. Fair expenses may be charged if high travel costs would be incurred.)

Contact for more details and to book.