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Quarterly mojo analysis

Quarterly mojo analysis

Although mojo is easy to use, if you're pushed for time or not yet confident in analysing the mojo results, then help is at hand, as we can do this for you! Think of it rather like a mojo success service!

What you get

After each round of quarterly mojo mapping at your organisation, we will send you an analysis report of your team maps and make suggestions for things like:

  • If you have any gaps within your team
  • If there could be any clashes between team members
  • If the makeup of the team is suitable for the tasks you undertake
  • The most important places to start with improvement initiatives
  • Suggestions for action plans for individual team membersĀ 
  • A follow-up conversation for you to ask any questions or to seek clarifications

Prices depends on the number of teams.

Contact for more details.