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Team Mojo Accelerator

Team Mojo Accelerator

Team Mojo Accelerator is designed to support you in involving your teams in coming up with suggestions for improvements themselves in order to drive productivity, boost wellbeing and build resilience. Getting your teams on-side and hands-on with mojo is proven to accelerate improvement initiatives.

In this course, attendees will:

  • Deepen their knowledge of the Nine Motivators - what they are and some reward strategies
  • Learn how to read Team Motivation Maps to spot trends, gaps and conflicts
  • Understand Team Satisfaction Charts and where to start with improvement initiatives to have the most impact
  • Get hands-on with some simple exercises which will encourage your teams to get involved with mojo and come up with improvement initiatives at an individual, team and organisational level

This course is 3 hours in duration and can either be delivered in-person or online. Prices depends on the number of delegates and the location.

Contact for more details and to book.