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The Employee Lifecycle: Creating Moments That Matter

The Employee Lifecycle: Creating Moments That Matter

Your organisational culture is not what you say it is, it’s what your employees and customers say it is.

There are hundreds of touchpoints on the Employee Lifecycle and just one bad moment can seriously impact an employee’s relationship with their organisation – leading to a loss of motivation, loss of productivity and in serious cases, a resignation. So, it’s vital to identify the ‘moments that matter’ on the Employee Lifecycle and put steps in place to surprise and delight your people along the way to boost engagement, loyalty and performance.

This course is for you if:

  • You believe your employee experience could be improved
  • You are looking to get started with EX or accelerate an existing EX programme
  • You would like to prioritise your EX efforts where they will have the biggest impact
  • Your organisation doesn’t have a clearly defined Employee Lifecycle in place
  • You are interested in exploring EX tools that could help
  • Your employee survey results are in need of improvement

Learning objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will know: 

  • How to define and then use your Employee Lifecycle
  • How to define and then use Employee Journey Maps
  • How to identify where to start on improving the moments that matter
  • How to create effective moments that matter
  • How to measure the metrics that matter

The programme consists of: 

  • The pros and cons of a Big Bang versus Agile approach to EX improvements
  • Building your EX team
  • An overview of how to define your EX strategy
  • Creating your Employee Lifecycle
  • The difference between a moment that matters and a rescue moment
  • Creating Employee Journey Maps
  • Examples of metrics that matter
  • A twelve-month action plan

Additional benefits include:  

  • Receive an overview of the EX Toolkit, which will enable you to shape how to create a great EX
  • Learn more about what motivates employees via an introduction to mojo – the motivation platform
  • Have some practical experience of using Mural, an online collaboration tool (if delivered online)

This course is around 6 hours in duration and can either be delivered on a full day or split over two half-days. It can be delivered in-person or online. Prices depends on the number of delegates and the location.

Contact for more details and to book.