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EXclusive News - December 2022

EXclusive News - December 2022


Welcome to the latest edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences. This month we challenge you to discover the ROI of your EX, talk tales from Toronto, and bring you some fresh thought leadership. We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and if you find it useful, do share it with your networks.

On behalf of everyone at Brand Experiences, we’d like to wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2023.

Tool Time

Partnering with the Institute of Internal Communication, we created the Employee Experience Opportunity in 2020. We have produced a number of things, which are free-to-use, including the EXO Survey, a whole bagful of EX Tools and an EXO ROI Calculator.

We’ve found that many people functions struggle to create effective business cases for investment in their employees, largely because it can be difficult to correlate EX activities with the bottom line. So, we created the EXO ROI Calculator to help. Organisations can use their own numbers to display the impact of a motivated, productive workforce; and see how much is being spent on Turnover and Sickness. Once calculated, the Lost Opportunity and Turnover/Sickness figures will create a compelling case for investment (see the example in the image below). Like everything in life, the best thing to do is to try it for yourself.

Mojo Matters

Our Head of Employee Experience, Nicholas Wardle, was in Toronto last month at the 5th Annual Strategic Internal Communication Conference. He gave a keynote speech on EX and later delivered a workshop on ‘Creating a Motivational Employee Experience with a Hybrid Workforce’, which included attendees taking a mojo map.

Our motivation platform is designed to drive productivity, boost wellbeing and build resilience – and if you feel your employees need some support in getting their mojo back, then email:

Read more about mojo via the dedicated website.

Monetising the Employee Experience

This book, co-written by Mike Sharples and Nicholas Wardle, is a practical guide on how to build the case for investment in EX, how to achieve senior leadership buy-in, and the tools you’ll need to develop a winning culture.

A reviewer said:

"With so many competing interests vying for corporate budgets, it is refreshing to see a compelling connection between employee experience and the bottom line. This book makes the business case in a way that should force every CEO to sit up and take notice. I thoroughly recommend it!”

You can purchase your copy here.

EX Events

Employee Experience Toolkit - Q&A webinar

  • 27 January 2023 at 1pm
  • Online
  • Free
  • Come along and hear some top tips on the EX Toolkit and have your questions answered

Health & Wellbeing @ Work conference

  • 14-15 March 2023
  • NEC, Birmingham
  • Chargeable
  • Nicholas Wardle will be delivering a session on: How to Design Effective Employee Experiences

EXtra EXtra...

Just in case you missed them, here’s some recent thought leadership across our channels:

Help beat the winter working blues: Enable your employees and your organisation to grow with mojo – How organisations decide to tackle the economic challenges will greatly impact their employees – not just at work, but as citizens of local communities

Employee Experience Audits - You audit your finances, you audit your stock... but what about your people?

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