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EXclusive News – June 2023

EXclusive News – June 2023


Welcome to the latest edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences. This month we take you back to BASICS, bring news from Kuwait, talk carrots and sticks, and much more. We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and if you find it useful, do share it with your networks.

Your EX strategy – it’s all about the BASICS

Once you’ve selected your core EX team – involving representatives from across the organisation - and have undertaken an EX Audit, the next step is the EX strategy. This will give you a clear definition of what you are trying to achieve and will also get the EX team on the same page by providing a forum to discuss the different views and priorities of the group and agree a united approach to move forward with. The methodology we suggest for the EX strategy is called BASICS — and it goes like this:

We recommend workshopping these elements and having three workshops as follows:

  • Workshop 1—Brand and Audiences
  • Workshop 2—Stories and Interactions
  • Workshop 3—Content and Systems

Your published EX strategy should include a high-level roadmap showing key objectives, milestones, and deliverables. You can read more about creating your EX strategy here.

Taking EX to Kuwait

Our CEO, Mike Sharples, and our Head of EX, Nicholas Wardle, have been in Kuwait this month and, as well as working with clients, delivered a session on the Employee Experience at a Kuwait HR Academy event at the beautiful Four Seasons hotel. Attendees were taken through the why and the what of EX, how to get going with EX efforts, and also learned how mojo underpins EX efforts. There was a lot of passion in the room and hopefully the learnings can kick-start EX efforts at organisations across Kuwait!

Personalising EX: An alternative to the Carrot and Stick approach

Is your organisation still offering carrots to reward and sticks to punish? There is a better, more modern, and more sustainable way to encourage performance. And that is focusing on what motivates employees as individuals.

Our mojo motivation platform will identify what is needed at an individual, team and organisational level to develop and maintain a happy and productive workforce. By focusing on the nine different motivators, mojo identifies which are the most important to individual employees and your organisation as a whole, at any time. Because motivation is fluid, mojo provides ongoing insight and mojo's reward strategies will optimise the motivation and performance of teams. Read more here.

Introduction to Employee Experience Masterclass

Brand Experiences is partnering with the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) on this event, which will explore EX; debunking myths and providing insight into the Employee Experience Opportunity, the impact of motivation on organisational success, investment priorities, the three 'Es' of productivity and much more! It’s on 07 July 14.00-16.00 (GMT), is online, and is £119 for IoIC members and £149 for non-members. Click here for more information.

IABC UK & I Employee Experience Panel

Earlier this month, Nicholas Wardle, and other expert speakers shared their tips, insights and unique perspectives on the EX landscape, the drivers to a strong EX, the role technology plays, how to align your strategy with organisational purpose and ways to measure and prove business impact.

EX industry useful reports – June 2023

Just in case you missed them, here’s a round-up of some recent reports we think you may find useful. This month we feature some takeaways from a new book on EX, a Foundever report which outlines the need for a greater emphasis on creating a positive EX and a World Economic Forum report which decrees that EX is becoming increasingly important.

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